libfirstworks combines the following DLL's into a single libfirstworks.dll file:

It's possible to link your application against the individual libraries but libfirstworks makes it simpler by providing a single library to link against and distribute.

A corresponding libfirstworks.lib file is also provided.


libfirstworks is only supported on Windows.


Before libfirstworks can be built and installed, you must first install ILMerge and build and install Rudiments and SQL Relay.

Make sure to build Rudiments and SQL Relay using the CLR option ("make clr").

After running the build process for SQL Relay and Rudiments, do not do a "make clean", as files that were created during their build processes, but not installed, will be required to build libfirstworks.


You can download the most current source distribution of libfirstworks from


To extract the distribution, move the zip file to your desktop or a location on your machine that you have read/write acces, right click on the file and select "Extract All".

This will create a libfirstworks-X.XX folder.


To build and install libfirstworks, first move the libfirstworks-X.XX, sqlrelay-X.XX and rudiments-X.XX folders all into the same folder. Then, rename sqlrelay-X.XX to just plain sqlrelay and rudiments-X.XX to just plain rudiments.

Now, open the Visual Studio Command Prompt and navigate to the libfirstworks-X.XX directory.

There should be a file named make.batch in that directory. Rename this file to make.bat. It is named with the .batch extension because various mail services don't allow .bat files to be emailed around, even if they are inside of an archive. To get around this, the file must manually be renamed.

For a 32-bit build, run:


For a 64-bit build, run:

make 64

To install libfirstworks, run:

make install

This should build and install libfirstworks. The dll will be installed under C:\Program Files\Firstworks\bin and the .lib file will be installed under C:\Program Files\Firstworks\lib.

To uninstall libfirstworks, run:

make uninstall

Using libfirstworks is similar to using the libraries individually.

When building software with Visual Studio, specify C:\Program Files\Firstworks\include in your Additional Include Directories and C:\Program Files\Firstworks\lib in your Additional Library Directories but instead of listing the libraries out in your Additional Dependencies just include libfirstworks.lib

When deploying software, rather than installing all of the individual DLL's, just deploy libfirstworks.dll