Licensing the MySQL Front-End Modules

License keys for SQL Relay Enterprise MySQL Front-End Modules are available at:

30-day trail license keys are available at:

The license key should consist of 4 sets of 4 numbers, separated by dashes, such as:


To license the SQL Relay Enterprise MySQL Front-End Modules on a computing node, create a license key file named
/etc/firstworks/sqlrenterprise_mysql_frontend.key on the node.

The first line of the file should be a contain the license key with no leading whitespace.

The MySQL Front-End Modules package actually consists of several individual modules. However, all of the modules share the same license key. When the license key file is created, it enables all of the modules in the package. See LICENSE for the terms of the license itself.

Note that the license key file must be readable by the user or group that the instance of SQL Relay that uses the modules runs as. See Key Permissions for more detail.

Now that the modules have been licensed, the next step is to configure them. See Configuring the MySQL Front-End Modules for more information.