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SQL Relay

SQL Relay is a powerful database connection management solution.

With SQL Relay, you can speed up and enhance the scalability of database-driven web-based applications, access databases from unsupported platforms, throttle database access, distribute load over clustered or replicated databases,
route queries and migrate applications from one database to another.


Persistent Database Connection Pooling - makes database-driven web-based applications faster and more efficient
Proxying - provides access to databases from unsupported platforms
Throttling - prevents databases from becoming overloaded
Load Balancing - distributes load over replicated or clustered databases
Query Routing and Filtering - conditionally sends queries to one database or another

Database Support - a wide variety of commercial and open-source databases are supported
Abstraction Layer Support - drivers for most popular database abstraction layers are provided
Drop-In Replacement Libraries - allow many native MySQL or PostgreSQL applications to use SQL Relay without modification
Native API - the powerful native SQL Relay client API supports a wide variety of programming languages

Substitution and Bind Variables - make frequently run queries faster and more efficient
Multi-Row Fetches - reduce the number of network round-trips
Client-Side Result Set Caching - makes paging faster and easier
Suspended Transactions - allow a single transaction to span multiple web pages

Getting Started With Databases

SQL Relay supports many different databases. However, just setting up a database before even trying to use SQL Relay with it can be a challenge. These documents include step-by-step instructions for setting up various databases on various platforms.

Getting Started With Oracle
Getting Started With MySQL
Getting Started With PostgreSQL
Getting Started With Sybase
Getting Started With Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine
Getting Started With IBM DB2
Getting Started With Firebird
Getting Started With SQLite
Getting Started With Microsoft Access
Getting Started With Blackray
Getting Started With ODBC

Administering SQL Relay

Installing SQL Relay
SQL Relay Configuration Guide
SQL Relay Configuration Reference
Running SQL Relay
Load Balancing and Failover
Query Routing and Filtering
Tuning SQL Relay

Connecting Applications to SQL Relay

SQL Relay provides drivers for most popular database abstraction layers.

Drop-In Replacement Libraries allow many native MySQL or PostgreSQL applications to use SQL Relay without modification.


If you are developing a new application, consider using the native SQL Relay client API as your database abstraction layer and take advantage of powerful features like suspended sessions, result set caching and tuning options.


If you're developing or deploying SQL Relay client software in a Windows environment, you might want to check out libfirstworks too.

SQL Relay Extension Modules

SQL Relay can be extended via modules. Use existing modules or develop your own.

Password Encryption Modules
Logger Modules

Frequently Asked Questions


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