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Success Stories

SQL Relay is used every day in production systems by organizations, worldwide. Here is what some of them have to say about it...

tiri GmbH

In 2017 one of our main customers needed a reliable solution to provide separation of its networks, due to security reasons. SQLRelay was our approach, and it worked very reliably. Later on, the customer decided to provide access to their internal Postgres database for external users, which use Oracle on Windows.

To achieve this, we configured an Oracle ODBC Database Link to SQL Relay, which proxied the Postgres database.

David Muse supported us in a meaningful manner, and we say thank you so much!

Thomas Baumann, Founder of tiri GmbH.


In 2014 AGInteractive replaced an in-house SQL multiplexer with SQLRelay. The switch provided us excellent support and lower resource requirements. Our SQLRelay configuration is processing over 1000 queries per second using half the server resources that our internal solution required.

In 2012 Swisscom - one of our main customers - approached us with a complicated problem. Because of new, stricter security constraints and other rules, various client applications could not connect directly with databases in their high security zone anymore. We conceptualized a possible solution and in the process commissioned SQLRelay which was then established at Swisscom.

SQLRelay has now been in use late 2012 and steadily serves diverse client applications with varied client APIs. As this included an ASP.NET application David also developed the SQLRelay Client Library in C# and ADO.NET for us. The ASP.NET application now handles several million login-requests per day for about 2000 sites all over Switzerland. We even use the C-API to connect a FreeRadius server with SQLRelay for authentication and accounting.

David did an outstanding job for which we`d like to thank him very much.

Hagen Münch, CEO Gordian Code.

We are a supplier of disease management systems in The Netherlands and we are making successful use of sqlrelay in our production environment to connect to our database since 5+ years. We recently had some problems to compile the latest version, and we found in Dave a quick and reliable source of help. Thanks Dave and thanks to all the team!

A Dutch Disease Management Systems Company (name withheld for security and legal purposes)

SQLRelay has been a lifesaver! Call-Em-All has a large array of *nix machines that need to talk to our Microsoft SQL Server. When processing large numbers of calls for our clients, we routinely have need of a few hundred simultaneous database queries from each machine. Opening those connections individually, or just having the number of connections configured was a nightmare. SQLRelay allows us to create a pool of connections that can grow as needed. We configure a relatively small pool of 30 connections per machine that can grow, but the speed and queuing ability of SQLRelay makes it a rare occurrence that this needs to happen.

David is always quick to answer most questions, and responds quickly to User Feedback, without his efforts I am not sure what I would have used to handle our companies growth.

Call-Em-All, a leading provider of automated calling and text messaging.

We moved to SQLRelay from our solution for connection pooling in 2008. The main drivers of this step were extended functionality in variable binding, addressing columns by name, handling BLOBs and a Python interface in addition to the PHP.


We have applied SQLRelay to our service systems since 2006. SQLRelay minimized the running cost and maximized the performance, scalability and reliability in Oracle DBMS, we can handle 3 million query operations per minute at peak time.

NEOWIZ, on-line game & music service company in South Korea.
Contact: Sung-Hoon Park, replica@neowiz.com

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